Molten Salt Summer Bootcamp

1-3 July 2019, TU Delft, Netherlands

The bootcamp is organized in partnership between the US-DOE funded NuSTEM consortium and EU-funded SAMOFAR research consortium, with the goal of disseminating knowledge about molten salt science and engineering, and expanding the community of researchers in this field. Being a large multi-institution effort, this bootcamp also has the goal of facilitating knowledge exchange among the global community of molten salt researchers. In reaching to a diverse attendance, we hope to form a community of learning and research exchange among the attendance cohort that in the future contributes to knowledge exchange and establishment of global collaborations among molten salt researchers. 

The bootcamp is open to: Graduate students and researchers working or planning to work on molten salt research and technology development.

To learn more download the Molten Salt Summer Bootcamp Flyer.