Enhancing the GIF visual branding

GIF decided with OECD/NEA to proceed to a large GIF communication improvement with the support of a specialized dedicated communication company

GIF Communication Objectives :

  • Refresh the “look and feel” of how GIF is presented to simply reinforce GIF’s position as a world leading, technically expert, collaborative organization, focused wholly on 4th generation nuclear energy systems
  • Combine and aid engagement in GIF common subjects of Policy, Economic and Scientific understanding in 4th generation nuclear energy systems
  • Help celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the formation of GIF across its 14 members
  • Celebrate GIF’s pioneering spirit and continued expertise and excellence in the specific area of 4th generation nuclear energy systems
  • Remind members and their key stakeholders of the benefits that being part of GIF brings
  • Help raise the profile of GIF in scientific and education circles
  • Capitalize on GIF’s long history to further advocate common understanding within the partner members


Actions  :

  • Since july 2020 : modify GIF Logo, templates, ancillary materials,…
  • Interactions with GIF Board with final validation 7th October
  • Progressive implementation until end 2020 on GIF web site after 50th PG (23rd October)