Molten Salt Reactor Steering Committee Meeting

July 2013 - Dimitrovgrad, Russia

blue triangle  The Generation IV International Forum (GIF) Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) System Steering Committee (SSC) held its semi-annual meeting on 2-4 July 2013 in Dimitrovgrad, Russia.

…The meeting featured technical progress updates from all of the participating counties as well as a daylong technical visit to the nearby Research Institute of Atomic Reactors (RIAR).  This was the first MSR SSC meeting that representatives from the Republic of Korea participated in.  Russian MSR development efforts were emphasized in both the meeting and the technical tours including providing a demonstration of fissile material solubility measurements in molten salt.  The meeting featured a number of technical discussions including: the impacts of the updated GIF technology roadmap that now explicitly includes salt cooled as well as salt fueled reactors, developing a common MSR safety evaluation approach, progress on MSR technology and materials development roadmaps, as well as improving MSR SSC communications through updating the public website.


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