Generation IV International Forum (GIF) advances on Safety Design Criteria

May 2013 - Beijing, China

blue triangle  The Generation IV International Forum governing body held its semi-annual meeting on 16-17 May 2013 in Beijing, China. Foremost among the significant outcomes, the GIF Policy Group reviewed and approved Phase I Safety Design Criteria that delineate the safety goals for Generation IV sodium-cooled fast reactors.

… It also decided on the commencement of Phase II of this effort for developing specific implementation guidelines with quantitative criteria. Of broader interest, the PG reached consensus on a strategic plan that has been under development for a year. It includes an updated technology roadmap and addresses improving internal collaboration and external engagement. Finally, member countries confirmed the PG’s leadership changes. Current leadership includes Chairman John Kelly (United States), Technical Director Dohee Hahn (Republic of Korea), PG Vice Chairs Kazumi Aoto (Japan) and Christophe Behar (France), and Policy Director Pascal Anzieu (France). 


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