Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor System Meetings

SFR-SSC SIAThe GIF Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor System held the 6th System Integration and Assessment (SIA) Project Management Board (PMB) meeting in conjunction with the 22nd System Steering Committee (SSC) meeting in Oarai, Japan on 28-30 March 2017. These meetings were hosted by the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA).

The group extensively discussed proposals on the assessment of design tracks: Loop SFR Design Track N°1a: JSFR (JAEA), Pool SFR Design Track N°2a: KALIMER (KAERI), Pool SFR Design Track N°2b: ESFR (EURATOM), and Small Modular SFR Design Track N°3a: AFR-100 (USDOE). China and the Russian Federation started a self-evaluation of the CFR1200 and BN-1200 design tracks. The SFR SSC updated the R&D list and reviewed reports from the PMB's. 

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