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2018 Proceedings GIF

2018 GIF Symposium Proceedings

The GIF Symposia are public scientific events aimed at disseminating the results
of international collaborative research performed within the Forum. The first
GIF Symposium was held in Paris, France in 2009, the second in San Diego,
United States in 2012 and the third in Chiba, Japan in 2015. This fourth
GIF Symposium, held in Paris on 16-17 October 2018, is designed to inform
and educate audiences beyond the GIF community. Its objective is to report
the achievements of the Forum in developing nuclear energy systems that are
aligned with today’s global sustainable development goals. In particular, the
fourth GIF Symposium outlines a credible GIF path towards achieving the goals of
the updated GIF R&D Roadmap, leading to the demonstration and deployment of
innovative nuclear energy systems that will establish nuclear energy as a valuable
part of the global, long-term sustainable carbon-free energy mix.


Download the Proceedings of the 2018 GIF Symposium

GIF Newsletter



Dear members of the GIF Family,

The May issue of the GIF Newsletter is out!

In this issue you will find:

  • Editorial, by Nobuchika KAWASAKI, GIF Policy Director
  • Amendment of VHTR Materials Project Arrangement, by Bill CORWIN, Chair of VHTR Materials PMB
  • The R&D infrastructure Task Force achievements, by Roger GARBIL

Download the GIF Newsletter #2 - May 2020



GIF workshop on R&D Infrastructures needs and opportunities

IMG 4196


GIF workshop on R&D Infrastructures needs and opportunities


Wednesday 19 February 2020

11h00 - 11h15    Welcome

Welcome by and Sama Bilbao y Leon, OECD/NEA (01:53:00 to 01:56:00) and Hideki Kamide, JAEA and Chair of the Policy Group (01:56:00 to 01:57:00)

11h15 – 12h30    Engaging with the private sector – Round Table

Moderator: Sama Bilbao y Leon

GIF R&D infrastructures and large scale experimental programmes, Roger Garbil, Euratom, DG RTD, Chair of the GIF R&D Task Force Roger Garbil (01:58:00 to 02:01:00 and 2:26:20 to 2:47:30)

R&D challenges for Gen IV systems, Gilles Rodriguez, CEA and GIF Technical Director (02:02:00 to 02:26:00)

GIF Advanced Manufacturing initiative, Lyndon Edwards, ANSTO and Chair of the Task Force - Advanced Manufacturing (02:47:00 to 02:56:00) 

Regulatory challenges to license Gen IV systems, Raj Iyengar, Chief of the Component Integrity Branch, NRC’s Office of Research (02:57:00 to 03:25:00)

12h30 - 14h00 Lunch


14h00 – 16h00    Identification of collaboration opportunities between private and public sectors for Gen IV systems

Introduction - Roger Garbil, Euratom, DG RTD, Chair of the GIF R&D Task Force

LWR-based Advanced Reactors 

Moderator: Sang Ji Kim (00:02:11 to 00:06:00)

▪  Fredrik Vitabäck, GE-Hitachi, BWRX300 (00:06:11 to 00:09:50)

▪  Richard Wain, UK SMR, Rolls Royce (00:10:05 to 00:18:10)

▪  Jean-Michel Ruggieri, Program Manager, SMRs, CEA, NUWARD Project (00:18:30 to 00:26:30)

▪  Sang Ji Kim, SMART Technology Development Division, KAERI, GIF EG member (00:26:30 to 00:32:27)

▪  Marketa Krykova, Project Manager, CVR, SSC SCWR co-Chair (00:32:30 to 00:41:31)

 Discussion (00:42:00 to 00:50:57)


Molten Salt Reactors (MSR)

Moderator: Stéphane Bourg, CEA, GIF SSC Chair (00:51:20 to 00:59:30)

▪  David Leblanc, President and CTO, Terrestrial Energy (00:59:30 to 01:06:40)

▪  Lou Martinez Sancho, CIO Kairos Power FHR (KP-FHR) (01:06:40 to 01:12:20)

▪  Victor Ignatiev, IPPE, MOSART project and related infrastructures (01:12:40 to 01:18:14)

▪  Jan Uhlir, Update on Pu/Pr cooperation in CZ (01:18:20 to 01:26:23)

Discussion (01:26:23 to 01:34:50)


15h00 – 15h15            Coffee break


Liquid Metal Reactors (SFR and LFR)

Moderator: Alessandro Alemberti (01:54:00 to 01:56:00)

▪  Fausto Franceschini,Westinghouse LFR (01:56:00 to 02:13:30)

▪  Alessandro Alemberti, ANSALDO Nucleare, LFR SSC Chair (02:14:00 to 02:24:45)

▪  Jean-Marie Hamy, Framatome, SFR (02:25:00 to 02:40:00)

▪  Ilia Pakhomov, Head of Laboratory, Russian Federation, Institute for Physics and Power Engineering (IPPE) (02:40:40 to 2:46:30)


Gas-cooled High Temperature Reactors (HTR)

Moderator: Lyndon Edwards, Introduction (02:47:35 to 02:53:00)

▪  Jean-Marie Hamy, Framatome,  US SC-HTGR program (02:53:30 to 02:55:00)

▪  Dominique Hittner, USNC (02:55:40 to 03:07:00)

▪  Piotr Fomichenko (03:07:10 to 03:13:00)

▪  Karl-Fredrik Nilsson, EU/Euratom JRC, Chair HTR SSC (could not attend this session)

Discussion (03:13:00 to 03:17:50)


Cross-cutting topics, non-electric applications

Moderator: Taiju SHIBATA, Introduction (03:18:50 to 03:19:30)

▪  John Jackson, INL, National Reactor Innovation Center (03:19:30 to 03:27:50)

▪  François Le Naour, CEA (03:28:00 to 03:33 :40)

▪  Taiju Shibata, JAEA (03:33:50 to 03:40:30)

▪  Abderrahim Al Mazouzi, EDF (03:40:50 to 03:47:00)

Discussion : 03:47:00 to 03:57:30


16h45 – 17h30            Wrap-up and lessons learnt (Tech Director + Moderators) (03:58:00 to 04:01:00)


17h30                         Networking Cocktail – GIF and Industry 


Thursday 20 February


9h00 – 11h00     Examples of collaboration between Governmental organisations and industry

Welcome by GIF Vice Chair on R&D Collaboration, Jong-Hyuk Baek, KAERI (00:02:19 to 00:09:00)

Panel discussion 

Moderator: Gilles Rodriguez

▪  Gilles Rodriguez, (on behalf of the CEA’s Sodium School Director) (00:09:20 to 00:25:20)

▪  John H. Jackson, Acting Director, Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear (GAIN) (00:25:50 to 00:43:01)

▪  Tatiana Ivanova, FIDES projects to address post-Halden situation / OECD (00:43:20 to 00:59:40)

▪  Stefano Monti, IAEA (01:00:00 to 01:22:06)

▪  Raj Iyengar, Chief of the Component Integrity Branch, NRC’s Office of Research (01:22:30 to 01:35:30)

▪  Stephen Bushby, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (01:35:40 to 01:49:00)

▪  Iuliia Kusina, Director, Institute for Physics and Power Engineering (IPPE) replaced by Ilia Pakhomov (1:49:30 to 02:02:50)


11h00 – 11h30            Coffee break


11h30 – 12h30            Views from the Private Sector, an Outlook for SMRs

Moderator: Stefano Monti, Introduction (02:28:50 to 02:35:00)

▪  Lou Martinez Sancho, CIO Kairos Power FHR (KP-FHR) (02:35:00 to 02:45:00)

▪  David LeBlanc, President and CTO, Terrestrial Energy (02:45:30 to 02:53:20)

▪  Robin Manley, VP SMR Technology, Ontario Power Generation (02:53:30 to 03:00:00)

▪  Raj Iyengar, Chief Component Integrity Branch, NRC’s Office of Research (03:00:20 to 03:07:25)

▪  Dominique Hittner, USNC (03:07:30 to 03:19:30)

▪  Richard Wain, UK SMR, Rolls Royce (03:19:40 to 03:26:30)

▪  Fredrik Vitabäck, GE-Hitachi, BWRX300 (03:27:30 to 03:35:20)

▪  Arkady Karneev, Rosatom Western Europe (03:35:30 to 03:47:00)

Discussion (03:47:30 to 04:00:00)

12h30 – 13h00            Workshop conclusions

GIF Policy Group Chair, Hideki Kamide (04:01:50 to 04:10:20)


13h00                   Closing of the Workshop

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