R&D Infrastructure Task Force (GIF RDTF)

The Generation IV International Forum Research and Development Infrastructure Task Force (GIF RDTF) was established in 2018, as approved by the Policy Group in October 2017 at its 44th meeting in Cape Town, South Africa. It is made up of representatives from the six Gen IV System Steering and provisional System Steering Committees as well as the Experts Group (EG). The objectives of the Task Force are twofold, as outlined in the Terms of Reference.

The first objective is to "Identify essential R&D experimental facilities needed for development, demonstration and qualification of Gen IV components and systems, including activities that meet safety and security objectives".

The second objective is to "Promote the utilisation of the experimental facilities for collaborative R&D activities amongst GIF partners".

To this end, existing mechanisms and approaches will be identified, which include organisational points of contact, to obtain access to relevant R&D facilities in GIF member countries. This information will be made accessible to GIF participants on the website, also taking advantage of initiatives by the OECD/NEA and the IAEA in this area.