GIF and COVID-19

Dear members of the GIF family,

The GIF leadership and the GIF Technical Secretariat have been monitoring world events regarding the global COVID-19 pandemic. We express our solidarity with those affected by this global emergency.  We hope that you, your families and your colleagues remain healthy and we wish you strength and patience in confronting this serious matter.

At the same time, the GIF leadership and the GIF Technical Secretariat are doing our best to continue with the work of GIF in the midst of this crisis. GIF has cancelled or postponed several meetings and events, but many meetings are being conducted via video-conference. For example, our February 2020 GIF Workshop with Industry was opened to the global GIF community via livestreaming. GIF has examined several video-conferencing tools to facilitate our work while ensuring privacy and security. These tools are working well, materials are being shared securely and effectively, and meeting participants are satisfied. The GIF Secretariat continues doing their best to serve GIF members and to move forward with the goals of GIF for 2020.

We look forward to seeing all of you in person once this crisis is over.

Hideki Kamide, GIF Chairman

Nobu Kawasaki, GIF Policy Director

Gilles Rodriguez, GIF Technical Director

Sama Bilbao y Leon, Head of GIF Technical Secretariat