GIF 2019 Annual Report cover page

This twelfth edition of the Generation IV International Forum (GIF) Annual Report covers actions in 2018 and 2019. In 2018, the Fourth GIF Symposium Proceedings was issued in place of the Annual Report.

In 2019 the GIF entirely renewed its Board with new members in all key governance positions. Moreover, for the first time in the history of GIF management, each Vice-chair was granted a three-year mandate, thus assisting the GIF Chairman to better understand the drivers, opportunities, and constraints related to three key crosscutting topics connected with all GEN IV systems: Regulatory Issues; Market Opportunities and Challenges; and Enhancement of R&D Collaborations. In terms of management, GIF has kept the structure that has proved successful in the past. This Annual Report also includes a list of selected related scientific publications that show the relevance and the high scientific quality of the research carried out by all GIF members.

For the first time, this Annual Report will only be published in an electronic format, available on the GIF Website.

GIF 2019 Annual Report (Full version)

Foreword from the Chair

Foreword from the Technical Director

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. GIF membership, organization and R&D collaboration

Chapter 2. Highlights from the year

Chapter 3. Country reports 

Chapter 4. System reports (Full version)

   - Gas-cooled Fast Reactor (GFR)

   - Lead-cooled fast reactor (LFR)

   - Molten Salt Reactor (MSR)

   - Super Critical Water Reactor (SCWR)

   - Sodium-cooled fast reactor (SFR)

   - Very-high-temperature reactor (VHTR)

Chapter 5. Methodology Working Groups (Full version)

   - EMWG: Economic Modelling Working Group

   - PRPPWG: Proliferation Resistance and Physical Protection assessment methodology Working Group

   - RSWG: Risk and Safety Working Group

Chapter 6. Task Force Reports (Full version)

   - ETTF: Education & Training Task Force

   - SDC-TF: Safety Design Criteria Task Force

   - AMME TF: Advanced Manufacturing and Material Engineering Task Force

   - RDTF: Research & Development Infrastructure Task Force

Chapter 7. Market and industry perspectives/SIAP report (Full version)

Appendix 1. List of Generation IV specific abbreviations and acronyms

Appendix 2. Selection of GIF publications (2018-2019)