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LFR-SDC Report (Rev 1, March 2021)

LFR Safety Design Criteria (SDC)

This LFR Safety Design Criteria (SDC) document was prepared to identify a set of criteria specifically tailored to the Generation IV LFR system. The objective of the report is to present a set of reference criteria for the safety design of structures, systems and components of LFRs with the aim of achieving the safety goals of the Generation IV reactor system, and to support licensing processes. A set of eighty-two reference criteria for the LFR system is systematically and comprehensively laid out in the SDC. The document was prepared by the LFR provisional System Steering Committee, endorsed by the GIF Risk and Safety Working Group (RSWG), and approved by the GIF Experts Group. The LFR SDC consists of the following parts: (i) Chapter 1 describes the background, objectives, and formulation of principles; (ii) Chapter 2 outlines the safety approach to the LFR as a Generation IV reactor system; and (iii) Chapters 3 through 6 describe the criteria for the overall safety design and safety design of specific structures, systems and components of LFRs.

Download report: LFR-SDC report, Rev 1, March 2021

Updated 20/04/2021