AMME Workshop on Advanced Manufacturing (Hybrid) 8-9 November 2021


Monday 8 November 2021  - DAY 1

Session 1 – Overview of workshop

Welcome and Introduction, overview of AMME-TF, purpose of workshop by Lyndon Edwards, ANSTO, AMME-TF Chair

How Modelling and Simulation could be used to support the nuclear qualification of advanced manufacturing by Albert To, University of Pittsburgh

Challenges to the use of M&S to support the nuclear qualification of advanced manufacturing: a nuclear engineer’s perspective by Pierre-François Giroux, CEA 

NRC Action Plan for Advanced Manufacturing Technologies by Carolyn Fairbanks, NRC


Session 2 – Vendors and designers perspective: the view from the innovation front line

David Huegel & Clint Armstrong, Westinghouse 

Jean-Marie Hamy, Framatome   

George Jacobsen, General Atomics       


Tuesday 9 November 2021 - DAY 2

Overview and Summary of the Workshop  by Lyndon Edwards


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