Plenary Session: Generation IV International Forum: Technology Development through Innovation

Date & Venue: Tuesday October 4 at 16:30-17:30, Plaza, Delta Hotel, Toronto, Canada. 

Moderator: Sylvestre Pivet (France)

Invited speakersAlice Caponiti (United States of America)Diane Cameron (OECD Nuclear Energy Agency)Robert Hill (United States of America)Fiona Rayment (United Kingdom)

Plenary Session Focus

  • A state of the nation with respect to GIF technologies
  • An assessment of energy market trends
  • GIF’s approach to engaging with industry
  • key points on how industry can benefit from working with GIF 

Opening by Sylvestre Pivet

Generation IV Goals for Nuclear Energy Systems by Alice Caponiti

The Role of Generation IV Technologies in Reaching Net zero Targets by Diane Cameron

Generation-IV International Forum Achievement by Robert Hill

GIF Engagement with the broader Nuclear Industry by Fiona Rayment

Q&A Panel