Gen-IV Demos: LFR Technical Session (Technical session)

Date & Venue: Wednesday October 5 at 15:45-17:30, Room Halton, Delta Hotel, Toronto, Canada.

Workshop Focus

Among the promising reactor technologies considered by the Generation IV International Forum (GIF), the Lead-cooled Fast Reactor (LFR) was identified as a technology with great potential to meet needs for both remote sites and central power stations, fulfilling the four main goals of GIF in terms of sustainability, safety, economics and proliferation resistance. In the technology evaluations of the Generation IV Technology Roadmap, the LFR system was top-ranked in sustainability because a closed fuel cycle can be more easily achieved, and in proliferation resistance and physical protection. It was also assessed as good in safety and economics. Safety was considered to be enhanced by the choice of a relatively inert coolant.

This Session highlights the main recent collaborative achievements of the GIF LFR and briefly lists the main ongoing LFR developments in the world. Session focuses on the demonstration of the most mature LFR designs with a high level of technical readiness.

At the end of the session, fields of cooperation between GIF and Private Industry and Start-Up were identified, allowing future detailed exchanges between GIF and each private industry organization knowing that confidentiality constraints limited the exchanges during the LFR Demos session.


Opening remarks by Mariano Tarantino (ENEAItaly)
MYRRHA Contribution to LFR industrial development by Rafael Fernandez (SCK-CENBelgium)
ALFRED Staged Approach towards LFR deployment by Michele Frignani (AnsaldoItaly)
Westinghouse LFR : overview and progress in development by Paolo Ferroni (WestinghouseUnited States of America)
Newcleo overview and strategy on LFR development by Michele Battisin (NewcleoItaly)
Q&A and closing remarks by Mariano Tarantino (ENEAItaly)