Advanced Reactor Licensing 1: Licensing Readiness plans for Gen-IV Systems, and 2: Licensing Approaches and Experience (Technical session)

Date & Venue: Thursday October 6 at 08:00-09:45, Room Mississauga, Delta Hotel, Toronto, Canada.

Workshop Focus

The GIF Risk and Safety Working Group (RSWG) promotes a consistent approach on safety of Gen-IV systems. Since its formation, the group established broad safety principles and attributes as input to R&D plans for specific design tracks based on high level GIF safety and reliability goals, and developed the Integrated Safety Assessment Methodology (ISAM) as a technology-neutral toolkit to support the design efforts. More recent RSWG emphasis has been on preparation of system safety assessments as a summary of high-level safety design attributes and remaining R&D needs, and development of system-specific safety design criteria, in close coordination with the GIF System Steering Committees. This first Advanced Reactor Licensing session, organized jointly by the RSWG and OECD/NEA’s Working Group on Safety of Advanced Reactors (WGSAR), included an introduction of GIF basis of safety approach and presentations from select regulatory organizations on their ongoing licensing readiness efforts and plans, approaches and experience for Gen-IV systems.


Opening remarks by Tanju Sofu (ANLUnited States of America)
GIF basis of safety approach for Gen-IV systems by Tanju Sofu (ANLUnited States of America)
NRC readiness and plans for non-LWR licensing by Boyce Travis (NRCCanada)
Advanced reactor fuel qualification framework Boyce Travis (NRCCanada)
Natrium Demo licensing plans by Ryan Sprengel (TerraPowerUnited States of America)