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GIF Senior Industrial Advisory Panel Special Session on Non-Electric Applications of Nuclear Heat - MATERIAL

Message on behalf of Prof. Nawal K Prinja, SIAP Chair

The Generation IV International Forum (GIF) Senior Industry Advisory Panel (SIAP) "Special Session on Non-Electric Applications of Nuclear Heat (NEANH)" was a great success. This session was held in a hybrid format at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa, on February 28, 2024.

Please find the slides and material from this Session below:

01 - Overview of NEANH 

02 - NEA Activities for NEANH 

03 - Upcoming GIF meetings 


During this Special Session, the latest activities of the Non-Electric Applications of Nuclear Heat (NEANH) Task Force Group, which is among the most prominent and active within the GIF, were presented.

The NEANH Task Force is currently working to advance a number of objectives to explore the opportunity for non-electric applications of Gen-IV reactor systems. This has included developing and maintaining a database of relevant studies and activities and developing a network with energy end-users beyond the nuclear sector. The NEANH Task Force is currently working to advance techno-economic analysis of coupled systems to understand the economic opportunity, readiness, and timelines for these systems. The Special Session provided an overview of these activities.

The SIAP values private sector engagement and this was an opportunity to present our work, to hear your feedback on this work, and to discuss future work that GIF could undertake to accelerate demonstration and deployment of advanced reactor technologies. 

The SIAP will be organizing special sessions on various topics every few months, and we will notify registrants and GIF members as soon as the schedule is finalized. If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us.


Prof. Nawal K Prinja, BTech(Hons), MSc, PhD, DEng,FIMechE
SIAP Chair

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