GIF Presentations

SNETP21: Dr Kamil TUCEK's presentation of the Generation IV International Forum (GIF)
3rd GIF Symposium 2015/ICONE 23 Conference - Makuhari Messe, Japan, May 2015
  International Perspective on the Future of Nuclear Power
John E. Kelly, 3rd GIF Symposium 2015 
Generation IV International Forum: Achievements
Hideki Kamide on behalf of Kazumi Aoto, 3rd GIF Symposium 2015 
Generation IV International Forum: Path Forward
Christophe Behar, 3rd GIF Symposium 2015 
Proliferation Resistance and Physical Protection Working Group Activities
Keiichiro Hori, 3rd GIF Symposium 2015 
Risk and Safety Working Group
L. Ammirabile, R. Nakai, 3rd GIF Symposium 2015 
Economic Modeling Working Group (EMWG) Activities
Ramesh Sadhankar on behalf of GIF EMWG, 3rd GIF Symposium 2015 
Safety Design Criteria Development for Generation-IV Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor System
Ryodai Nakai and Tanju Sofu, 3rd GIF Symposium 2015 
Very High Temperature Reactor
LI Fu, 3rd GIF Symposium 2015 
Sodium Fast Reactor
Philippe Dufour, 3rd GIF Symposium 2015 
Super Critical Water-cooled Reactor
Y.P. Huang, L. Leung, J. Starflinger, A. Sedov, 3rd GIF Symposium 2015 
Gas Cooled Fast Reactor
Richard Stainsby on behalf of the GFR SSC, 3rd GIF Symposium 2015 
Lead-cooled Fast Reactor System Steering Activities and Development
Minoru Takahashi, 3rd GIF Symposium 2015
Molten Salt Reactor provisional System Steering 

Jerome Serp, 3rd GIF Symposium 2015

Other presentations

Generation IV International Forum Overview
John E. Kelly, January 2014 

2nd GIF Symposium 2012/ANS Winter Meeting - San Diego, USA, November 2012
The Generation IV International Forum Advancements and Objectives 
Yutaka Sagayama, GIF Symposium 2012 
The Gas Fast Reactor System
Didier Haas, GIF Symposium 2012
The Lead-cooled Fast Reactor: Status Report for 2012 GIF Symposium,
A. Alemberti, C.F. Smith, V. Smirnov, M. Takahashi, GIF Symposium 2012
Molten Salt Reactor System 2009-2012 Status,
J. Serp, H. Boussier, GIF Symposium 2012
SFR System Status and Plans,
Dohee Hahn, GIF Symposium 2012
Super-Critical Water-cooled Reactors,
T. Schulenberg, H. Matsui, L. Leung, A. Sedov, GIF Symposium 2012
Very High Temperature Reactor,
Li Fu, GIF Symposium 2012
Generation IV: Looking Back
William D. Magwood, IV, ANS Winter Meeting 2012