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Technology Roadmap and R&D Outlook Publications
 R&D Outlook Exec Summary

Preparing the Future through Innovative Nuclear Technology: Outlook for Generation IV Technologies

Published on the occasion of the 4th GIF Symposium, “Preparing the Future through Innovative Nuclear Technology: Outlook for Generation IV Technologies” provides a high-level summary of a more substantial report currently in preparation, the 2018 R&D Outlook. The full report highlights how innovative nuclear technologies, such as Generation IV systems, can provide the necessary dispatchable energy that is needed to ensure successful transitions to low-carbon systems in combination with variable renewable sources. The Generation IV goals of improved sustainability, economics, safety and reliability, proliferation resistance and physical protection are necessary attributes of such nuclear systems so as to satisfy the requirements of security of supply, affordability and protection of the environment. 

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Technology Roadmap Update

Technology Roadmap Update for Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems 

This Technology Roadmap Update provides an assessment of progress made by the Generation IV International Forum (GIF) in the development of the six systems selected when the original Technology Roadmap was published in 2002. More importantly, it provides an overview of the major R&D objectives and milestones for the coming decade, aiming to achieve the Generation IV goals of sustainability, safety and reliability, economic competitiveness, proliferation resistance and physical protection.

Lessons learnt from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident are taken into account to ensure that Generation IV systems attain the highest levels of safety, with the development of specific safety design criteria that are applicable across the six systems. Accomplishing the ten-year R&D objectives set out in this new roadmap should allow the more advanced Generation IV systems to move towards the demonstration phase.


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2009 R&D Outlook

2009 R&D Outlook

This Generation IV R&D Outlook provides a view of what the GIF members hope to achieve collectively in the next five years.

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A Technology Roadmap for Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems

A Technology Roadmap for Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems (2002)

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