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2018 GIF Symposium

The GIF Symposia are public scientific events aimed at disseminating the results of international collaborative research performed within the Forum. The first GIF Symposium was held in Paris, France in 2009, the second in San Diego, United States in 2012 and the third in Chiba, Japan in 2015. This fourth GIF Symposium, held in Paris on 16-17 October 2018, is designed to inform and educate audiences beyond the GIF community. Its objective is to report the achievements of the Forum in developing nuclear energy systems that are aligned with today’s global sustainable development goals. In particular, the fourth GIF Symposium outlines a credible GIF path towards achieving the goals of the updated GIF R&D Roadmap, leading to the demonstration and deployment of innovative nuclear energy systems that will establish nuclear energy as a valuable part of the global, long-term sustainable carbon-free energy mix.

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2015 GIF Symposium

May 2015, Makuhari Messe, Japan

Full papers related to the presentations can be found in the GIF Annual Report 2014

2012 Annual Report - GIF Symposium Proceedings

2012 Annual Report:
GIF Symposium Proceedings

The second Generation IV International Forum (GIF) Symposium took place in San Diego, California, USA, on 14-15 November 2012 in conjunction with the Winter Meeting of the American Nuclear Society (ANS). These proceedings present the latest developments in the GIF programme, and as such represent the GIF Annual Report for 2012.

They contain the full papers presented during the first day’s open sessions as well as updates on developments related to the six GIF systems, the work performed by the horizontal working groups and the “Safety Design Criteria” task force, and the strategic planning activities of the GIF. The symposium was preceded by the ANS President’s Special Session which marked the ten-year anniversary of the GIF Technology Roadmap. Former Chairs William Magwood and Jacques Bouchard were honoured during this special session, in the presence of the current GIF Chair Yutaka Sagayama and GIF Vice-Chair Christophe Béhar. A summary of their speeches is reprinted herein, courtesy of the ANS.

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2009 GIF Symposium Proceedings

2009 GIF Symposium Proceedings

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