GIF Governance Structure

The GIF charter provides a general framework for GIF activities and outlines its organisational structure. The figure below is a schematic representation of the GIF governance structure and indicates the relationship among different GIF bodies. 

GIF Governance Structure - 2020-2021

As detailed in the GIF Charter and GIF policy statements, the GIF is led by the Policy Group (PG) which is responsible for the overall steering of GIF co-operative efforts, establishing policies governing GIF activities, and interacting with third parties. As of 2016, the GIF Policy Group is led by the Chair and three Vice-Chairs who assist him. (See Who’s Who)

The Experts Group (EG), which reports to the PG, is in charge of reviewing the progress of co-operative projects and making recommendations to the PG on required actions. It advises the PG on R&D strategy, priorities and methodology, and on the assessment of research plans prepared in the framework of the System Arrangements (SA).

Signatories of each SA have formed a System Steering Committee (SSC) in order to plan and oversee the R&D required for the corresponding system. R&D activities for each GIF system are implemented through a set of Project Arrangements (PA) signed by interested bodies. The PA addresses the R&D needs of the corresponding system in a broad technical area (e.g. fuel technology, advanced materials and components, energy conversion technology, plant safety). A Project Management Board (PMB) is established by the signatories of each PA in order to plan and oversee project activities; their main goal is to establish the viability and performance of the relevant Generation IV system in the technical area concerned.