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In 2016, the GIF Education and Training Task Force began organising a webinar series which features speakers from around the world, explaining why GEN IV reactor systems are crucial for the sustainability of the nuclear fuel cycle. The webinar series was launched  with a presentation by former GIF Chair John Kelly on “Atoms for Peace – the Next Generation” and includes monthly webinars. The Task Force was elevated to a Working Group in November 2019. 

All webinars are also accessible on “YouTube” under the "GIF Education and Training Working Group".

By following the links below, you will access all past webinars.

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2021 (series from 49) 

Series 49: MOX Fuel for advanced reactors

28 January 2021 
Presenter: Dr. Nathalie Chauvin, CEA, France

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Series 50: Overview of Waste Treatment Plant, Hanford Site 

25 February 2021
Presenter: Dr. David Peeler, PNNL, USA 

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Series 51: Introducing new Plant Systems Design (PSD) Code

25 March 2021 
Presenter: Prof. Nawal Prinja, Jacobs, UK

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Series 52: Experience of HTTR licensing for Japan's New Nuclear Regulation


22 April 2021 
Presenter: Dr. Etsuo Ishitsuka, JAEA, Japan

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Special Webinar: Progress and Future Prospects toward Deploying GEN IV reactors as Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems


28 April 2021 
Generation IV International Forum: 20th Anniversary Celebration

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Series 55: Evaluating Changing Paradigms Across the Nuclear Industry


27 July 2021 
Presenter: Dr. Jessica Lovering, Carnegie Mellon University, USA and Winner of the ANS 2020 Pitch Your PhD Competition

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Series 56: Graded Approach: Not just Why and When, but How


26 August 2021 
Presenter: Dr. Vince (Alois) Chermak, INL, USA

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Series 57: Experimental R&D in Russia to justify Sodium Fast Reactors


23 September 2021 
Presenter: Dr Iuliia Kuzina, IPPE, Russia

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Series 58: Metal Fuel for Prototype Generation-IV SFR : Design, Fabrication and Qualification 


28 October 2021 
Presenter: Dr. Chan Bock Lee, KAERI, Korea 

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Series 59: Geometry Design and Transient Simulation of a Heat Pipe Micro Reactor 


18 November 2021 
Presenter: Dr. Jun Wang, the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA

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Series 60: Development of an austenitic/martensitic gradient steel connection by additive manufacturing 


15 December 2021 
Presenter: Dr. Flore Villaret , CEA/EDF, Winner of the 2021 Pitch Your Gen IV Research Competition

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2022 (series from 61)  

Series 61: ESFR SMART a European Sodium Fast Reactor concept including the European feedback experience and the new safety commitments following Fukushima accident 

27 January 2022 
Presenter: Mr. Joel Guidez, CEA, France


Series 62: Artificial Intelligence in support of NE Sector


24 February 2022
Presenter:  Prof. Nawal Prinja, Jacobs, UK

Series 63: Scale effects and thermal-hydraulics : application to French SFR 


23 March 2022 
Presenter: Pitch your Gen IV research Competition – Winner 2 Benjamin Jourdy CEA, France

Series 64: Versatile Test Reactor


April 2022 
Presenter: Dr. Kemal Pasamehmetoglu, INL, USA

Series 65: Development of nanosized carbide dispersed advanced radiation resistant austenitic stainless steel (ARES) for Generation IV systems


11 May 2022 
Presenter: Public Vote Winner of PyGR Competition, Mr. JiHo Shin, KAIST, Korea

Series 66: Nuclear Waste Management Strategy for Molten Salt Reactor Systems


June 2022 
Presenter: Dr. John Vienna, PNNL, USA

Series 67: TBD


July 2022 
Presenter: Winner of the 2021 ANS Pitch your PhD Competition

Series 68: Development of In-Service Inspection Rules for Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactors Using the System Based Code Concept


September 2022 
Presenter: Dr. Takaya, JAEA, Japan

Series 69: Sodium Integral Effect Test Loop for Safety Simulation and Assessment (STELLA)


October 2022 
Presenter: Dr. Jewhan Lee, KAERI, Korea


2020 Webinars (series 37 to 48)     


Series 47: Neutrino and Gen IV reactor systems

19 November 2020 
Presenter: Prof. Jonathan Link, Director of the center for neutrino physics, Virginia Tech, USA

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Series 46: Global Potential for Small and Micro Reactor Systems to Provide Electricity Access


28 October 2020
Presenter: Dr. Amy Schweikert, Colorado School of Mines, USA

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Series 44: Molten Salt Reactor Safety Evaluation - A US Perspective

26 August 2020
Presenter: Dr. David Holcomb, ORNL, USA

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Series 43: Overview of Small Modular Reactor Technology Development

29 July 2020
Presenter: Dr. Frederik Reitsma, IAEA, Austria

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Series 42: Comparison of 16 reactors neutronic performance in closed Th-U and U-Pu cycles

24 June 2020
Presenter: Dr. Jiri Krepel, PSI, Switzerland

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Series 41: Performance Assessments for Fuels and Materials for Advanced Nuclear Reactors

28 May 2020
Presenter: Dr. Daniel LaBrier, Idaho State University (ISU), USA

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Series 40: GIF VHTR Hydrogen Production Project Management Board

29 April 2020
Presenter: Mr. Sam Suppiah, CNL, Canada

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Series 38: SFR Safety Design Criteria (SDC) and Safety Design Guidelines (SDGs) 


26 February 2020 
[10 am in Japan: please check your time zone on the registration page]
Presenter: Mr Shigenobu Kubo, JAEA, Japan

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Series 37: Thermal-Hydraulics in Liquid Metal Fast Reactors

29 January 2020
Presenter: Dr. Antoine Gerschenfeld, CEA, France

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2019 (series 25-36)

Series 25: Scientific and Technical Problems of Closed Nuclear Fuel Cycle in Two-Component Nuclear Energetics 

30 January 2019
Presenter: Dr. Alexander Orlov, IPPE, Russia

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Series 26: Safety of Gen IV Reactors

19 February 2019
Presenter: Dr. Luca Ammirabile, Euratom, EU

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Series 27: The ALLEGRO Experimental Gas Cooled Fast Reactor Project

20 March 2019
Presenter: Dr. Ladislav Belovsky 

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Series 28: European Sodium Fast Reactor: An Introduction

15 April 2019
Presenter: Dr. Konstantin Mikityuk, PSI, Switzerland 

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Series 29: Formulation of Alternative Cement Matrix for Solidification/Stabilization of Nuclear Waste

22 May 2019
Presenter: Mr. Matthieu De Campos, Universite de Lille 1, France

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Series 30: Interactions between Sodium and Fission Products in Case of a Severe Accident in a Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor

19 June 2019
Presenter: Mr. Guilhem Kauric, CEA, France

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Series 31: Security Study of Sodium-Gas Heat Exchangers in Frame of Sodium-cooled Fast Reactors

31 July 2019
Presenter: Ms. Fang Chen, CEA, France

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Series 32: Lead Containing mainly isotope Pb-208: New Reflector for Improving Safety of Fast Neutron Reactors

29 August 2019
Presenter: Dr. Evgeny Kulikov, National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”, Moscow, Russia

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Series 33: Gen IV Coolants Quality Control

25 September 2019
Presenter: Dr. Christian Latge, CEA, France

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Series 34: Passive Decay Heat Removal System

23 October 2019
Presenter: Dr. Mitchel Farmer, ANL, USA

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Series 35: Czech Experimental Program on MSR Technology Development

12 November 2019
Presenter: Dr. Jan Uhlíř, Research Centre Řež, Czech Republic

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Series 36: Advanced Gas Reactor TRISO Particle Fuel

18 December 2019
Presenter: Dr. Madeline Feltus, DOE, USA

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2018 (series 17 to 24)

Series 17: Design, Safety Features and Progress of the HTR-PM

24 January 2018
Presenter: Prof. Dr. Yujie Dong, INET, Tsinghua University, China

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Series 18: Materials Challenges for Generation IV Reactors

21 February 2018
Presenter: Dr. Stu Maloy, LANL, USA 

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Series 19: SCK•CEN’s R&D on MYRRHA

21 March 2018 
Presenter: Prof. Hamid Aït Abderrahim, SCK•CEN, Belgium

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Series 20: Proliferation Resistance and Physical Protection of Gen IV Reactor Systems

23 May 2018
Presenter: Dr. Robert Bari, Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA

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Series 21: Molten Salt Actinide Recycler and Transforming System with and Without Th-U support: MOSART

07 June 2018
Presenter: Dr. Victor Ignatiev, Kurchatov Institute, Russia

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Series 22: Astrid, Lessons Learned

30 July 2018
Presenter: Mr. Gilles Rodriguez, CEA, France

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Series 23: Advanced Lead Fast Reactor European Demonstrator, ALFRED Project

26 September 2018
Presenter: Dr. Alessandro Alemberti,Ansaldo Nucleare, Italy

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Series 24: Russia BN 600 and BN 800

19 December 2018
Presenter: Mr. Ilya Pakhomov, IPPE, Russia

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2017 (series 5 to 16)

Series 5:  Very High Temperature Reactors

25 January 2017
Presenter: Dr. Carl Sink, DOE, USA
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Series 6:  Gas Cooled Fast Reacto

22 February 2017
Presenter: Dr. Alfredo Vasile, CEA, France
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Series 7:  Supercritical Water Reactors (SCWR)

28 March 2017
Presenter: Dr. Laurence Leung, CNL, Canada

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Series 8:  Fluoride-Cooled High-Temperature Reactors (FHR) 

27 April 2017
Presenter: Prof. Per Peterson, UC Berkeley, USA

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Series 9:  Molten Salt Reactors (MSR)

23 May 2017
Dr. Elsa Merle, CNRS, France

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Series 10:  Lead Fast Reactor (LFR)
12 June 2017
Presenter: Prof. Craig Smith, US Naval Graduate School, USA

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Series 11:  General Considerations on Thorium as a Nuclear Fuel

12 July 2017
Presenter: Dr. Franco Michel-Sendis, OECD/NEA, France

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Series 12:  Metallic Fuel for SFRs

22 August 2017
Presenter: Dr. Steven Hayes, INL, USA

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Series 13:  Energy Conversion

21 September 2017
Presenter: Dr. Richard Stainsby, NNL, UK

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Series 14: Estimating Costs of Gen IV Systems

25 October 2017
Presenter: Dr. Geoffrey Rothwell, OECD/NEA, France

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Series 15: Feedback Phenix and Superphenix

29 November 2017
Presenter: Dr. Joel Guidez, CEA, France

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Series 16: Sustainability, a Relevant Approach for Defining Future Nuclear Fuel Cycles

14 December 2017
Presenter: Dr. Christophe Poinssot, CEA, France

Webinar Series 16: Sustainability, A Relevant Approach for Defining Future Nuclear Fuel Cycles  Download pdf    Download video


2016 (series 1 to 4)

Series 1:  Atoms for Peace - The Next Generation

Webcast: 29 September 2016
Presenter: Dr. John Kelly, Department of Energy, USA 
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Series 2:  Closing the Fuel Cycle

Webcast: 19 October 2016
Presenter: Prof. Myung Seung Yang, Institute of Energy and Environment 
Youngsan University, Republic of Korea

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Series 3:  Introduction to Nuclear Reactor Design

22 November 2016
Presenter: Dr. Claude Renault, CEA, France
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Series 4:  Sodium Cooled Fast Reactors 

15 December 2016
Presenter: Dr. Bob Hill, ANL, USA
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