Technical Secretariat

The OECD Nuclear Energy Agency has been supporting the activities of the Generation IV International Forum since 2005. It provides technical secretariat services; archiving records and documents, as well as maintaining the Forum's internal and external websites. The NEA Technical Secretariat consists of more than 12 staff members on both a full-time and part-time basis.

GIF Technical Secretariat_also in June newsletter #9


Vladislav Sozoniuk - GIFVladislav Sozoniuk - Technical Secretariat for: 

SIAP - Senior Industry Advisory Panel


SunyoungSunyoung Chang - Technical Secretariat for:

VHTR.MAT - VHTR Materials       

VHTR.SC - Very High Temperature Reactor Steering Committee

VHTR.MAT.CER - VHTR Ceramics              

VHTR.MAT.GR - VHTR Graphite  

VHTR.MAT.MET - VHTR Metals and Design Methods        

VHTR.CMV - VHTR Computational Methods Validation & Benchmarks (Provisional)            

VHTR.HP - VHTR Hydrogen Production    

LFR.SC - Lead Fast Reactor Steering Committee  


G.Grassi - GIF  Gabriele Grassi - Technical Secretariat for:

VHTR.FFC - VHTR Fuel & Fuel Cycle


Youngjoon Lee - GIF Youngjoon Lee - Technical Secretariat for:  

GFR.SC - Gas-Cooled Fast Reactor Steering Committee    

GFR.CDS - GFR PMB on Conceptual Design and Safety     

GFR.FC - GFR PMB on Fuel, Core Materials and Fuel Cycle             

MSR.SC - Molten Salt Reactor Provisional Steering Committee     


Franco MICHEL-SENDIS GIFFranco Michel-Sendis - Technical Secretariat for:

SCWR.SC - Supercritical-Water-Cooled Reactor Steering Committee

SCWR.CM - Supercritical-Water-Cooled Reactor Chemistry and Materials PMB

SCWR.FQ - Supercritical-Water-Cooled Reactor Fuel Qualification PPMB

SCWR.SIA - Supercritical-Water-Cooled Reactor System Integration and Assessment PPMB

SCWR.TH - SCWR Thermal-Hydraulics and Safety PMB

SCWR_EG - SCWR Expert Group 


Masahiro Nishimura GIF Masahiro Nishimura - Technical Secretariat for:

SFR.SC - Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactor Steering Committee

SFR.AF - SFR PMB on Advanced Fuel


SFR.GACID - Global Actinide Cycle International Demonstration provisional PMB

SFR.SIA - SFR PMB on System Integration and Assessment

SFR.SO - SFR PMB on Safety and Operation


Gina Abdelsalam GIF Gina Abdelsalam - Technical Secretariat for:

EMWG - Economic Modeling Working Group

ETWG - Education & Training Working Group

PRPPWG - Proliferation Resistance & Physical Protection Working Group 


Marina Demeshko GIF Marina Demeshko - Technical Secretariat for:

RSWG - Risk & Safety Working Group 


Davide Costa GIF Davide Costa - Technical Secretariat for:

TF-AMME - Task Force - Advanced Manufacturing 

ITF-NEaNH - Interim Task Force on Non-Electric application of Nuclear Heat 


PENDING NOMINATION - Technical Secretariat for:

TF-RD - Task Force - Research Infrastructures


Sylvia ConstantinSylvia Anglade-Constantin - Assistant for the GIF Technical Secretariat 


Technical Secretariat Support

Ximena Vasquez-MaignanHead of the Office of Legal Counsel, NEA/OLC

Emma LeguillonLegal Adviser, NEA/OLC

Andrea Ventura, Manager, Information Technology, NEA/ODG/IT

Manuel Bossant, GIF Website Programmer, NEA/ODG/IT

Eric Lacroix, IT Assistant, NEA/ODG/IT

Nicolas Soppera, Software Development Co-ordinator, NEA/ODG/IT