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Technical Secretariat

GIFNEATS groupphoto 400The OECD Nuclear Energy Agency has been supporting the activities of the Generation IV International Forum since 2005. It provides technical secretariat services; archiving records and documents, as well as maintaining the Forum'’s internal and external websites. The NEA Technical Secretariat consists of more than 17 staff members on both a full-time and part-time basis.

From left: K. Ishii, S. Massara, G. S. Lee, D. Henderson, H. Paillere, G. Rothwell, G. Grosch, G. Tesfaye, X. Vasquez-Maignan, C. Besnier, M. Deffrennes, S. Cornet

NEA Technical Secretariat Staff members not appearing in the photo:  A. Ventura, M. Bossant, E. Lacroix, N. Soppera, 

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