The Economic Modelling Working Group has upgraded the nuclear-economic model, G4ECONS and issued version 3 in 2018. This Excel-based model conforms to the assumptions and algorithms described in the Cost Estimating Guidelines for Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems and calculates two key figures of merit, namely, the levelised unit electricity cost (LUEC) and total capital investment cost (TCIC). The model is generic in the sense that it can accept as input the types of projected performance and cost data that are expected to become available from Generation IV concept development teams and that it can model both open and closed fuel cycles.  The model is suitable for international use as it does not include country-specific taxation and other economic parameters.  .

Together with the guidelines “Cost Estimating Guidelines for Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems”, G4ECONS can facilitate consistent, comprehensible cost estimates for evaluation of the Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems with respect to the established economic goals.

Contact the Technical Secretariat to obtain the G4ECONS software.