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Enhancing the GIF visual branding

GIF decided with OECD/NEA to proceed to a large GIF communication improvement with the support of a specialized dedicated communication company

GIF Communication Objectives :

  • Refresh the “look and feel” of how GIF is presented to simply reinforce GIF’s position as a world leading, technically expert, collaborative organization, focused wholly on 4th generation nuclear energy systems
  • Combine and aid engagement in GIF common subjects of Policy, Economic and Scientific understanding in 4th generation nuclear energy systems
  • Help celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the formation of GIF across its 14 members
  • Celebrate GIF’s pioneering spirit and continued expertise and excellence in the specific area of 4th generation nuclear energy systems
  • Remind members and their key stakeholders of the benefits that being part of GIF brings
  • Help raise the profile of GIF in scientific and education circles
  • Capitalize on GIF’s long history to further advocate common understanding within the partner members


Actions  :

  • Since july 2020 : modify GIF Logo, templates, ancillary materials,…
  • Interactions with GIF Board with final validation 7th October
  • Progressive implementation until end 2020 on GIF web site after 50th PG (23rd October)

GIF Newsletter #5 - October 2020

#5 GIF Newsletter REV1 Page 1

Dear members of the GIF Family,

The October issue of the GIF Newsletter is out!

In this issue you will find:

  • Editorial, by Sama BILBAO Y LEON, former Head, GIF Technical Secretariat
  • Exciting new studies under preparation by the EMWG, by Fiona REILLY and David E. SHROPSHIRE, co-chairs of the EMWG 
  • Capitalizing on my NEA and GIF experience, by Marc DEFFRENNES – former NEA Senior Analyst and Secretary of GIF SIAP

Download the GIF Newsletter #5 – October 2020




2018 Proceedings GIF

2018 GIF Symposium Proceedings

The GIF Symposia are public scientific events aimed at disseminating the results
of international collaborative research performed within the Forum. The first
GIF Symposium was held in Paris, France in 2009, the second in San Diego,
United States in 2012 and the third in Chiba, Japan in 2015. This fourth
GIF Symposium, held in Paris on 16-17 October 2018, is designed to inform
and educate audiences beyond the GIF community. Its objective is to report
the achievements of the Forum in developing nuclear energy systems that are
aligned with today’s global sustainable development goals. In particular, the
fourth GIF Symposium outlines a credible GIF path towards achieving the goals of
the updated GIF R&D Roadmap, leading to the demonstration and deployment of
innovative nuclear energy systems that will establish nuclear energy as a valuable
part of the global, long-term sustainable carbon-free energy mix.


Download the Proceedings of the 2018 GIF Symposium

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